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noun:  sauce·box \ˈsȯs-ˌbäks, ˈsas-\
Definition of saucebox

  • a saucy impudent person
  • a know-it-all
  • a malapert
  • a smart alec
  • a smart-ass, wise guy, wise-ass, wisenheimer
  • you get the drift...yet they always provide G-rated entertainment!

L to R:
Bob Shaffer - Bari
Adam Kaufman - Lead
Don Koehnlein - Bass
Randy Bingel - Tenor


Feb 11 2019 - 5:34pm

Saucebox Quartet are the 2018 FWD Novice Champions!

Consisting of Adam Kaufman(lead), Don Koehlein(bass), Bob Shaffer(bari/tenor), and Randy Bingel(tenor/bari), they have been together a little over a year and are proud and active members of the East Valley Harmonizers.

Saucebox is another great addition to our growing circle of champion quartets and our chapter is so proud!

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